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As an entrepreneur, we understand your passion for seeking out the best of everything. Welcome to the best insurance broker for entrepreneurs - we take pride in learning every facet of your business and providing you with the most efficient insurance packages available. 


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Founder Shield was created with one goal: to take the stress out of buying insurance for venture-backed startup companies.  We’re on a mission to take a broken and confusing experience and create the most seamless and informative insurance purchasing process available.

Here’s how:

  • One-Stop Shop: We offer the full suite of insurance products necessary to protect founders, investors, and start-up companies
  • Tech-Enabled: We leverage technology to make the application process intuitive and understandable
  • Responsive: We automate clerical tasks that plague the traditional insurance brokerage, giving us more time to be responsive and alert to clients’ needs regardless of the size of the company
  • Packages Tailor Made: We take a hands-on approach with our underwriter relationships, training them to understand the startup community’s culture and organizational approach.
  • Ready-to-Scale: our suite of tools and startup experience gives us the unique ability to set you up for the present and create a clear game plan for the future

Coverage from bootstrapping and beta to live. No matter what your company needs, we’ve got you covered.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability insurance protects your company from injury law suits brought by 3rd parties.  Think of General Liability as coverage for the classic “slip and fall” scenario.  When a client is visiting your office and slips and falls, GL covers the subsequent lawsuit (if your client is particularly mean, of course).   Any physical injuries sustained by non-company persons on the property are covered here.  For these reasons, most of your landlords will require this coverage.

GL also covers products and completed operations, meaning that not only are you covered for injuries sustained from your current products, but also for products you’ve discontinued.  By the way, “products” for insurance purposes include anything that passes directly through your company’s hands.  If you touch it, you’re considered the manufacturer.  A little scary, right? Don’t worry…we’ve got you covered. 

Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers insurance (“D&O”) is almost always required by the terms of an institutional round of funding.  Getting ready to close that Series A round?  If so, you can count on needing D&O insurance in the near future.  We’ve even seen this required in a fair share of seed rounds these days.

D&O coverage protects the company from any law suits or claims brought against the company on the basis of any individual director or officer’s actions or decisions when acting in his or her capacity as a director or officer.  The policy gets paid to the directors or the company itself and acts as indemnification.  Depending on the scope of the policy, D&O can cover not only civil suits, but also criminal and regulatory actions (usually at least 2/3 are claimed in these situations).   But the bottom line is if you’re venture-backed you’re definitely going to need D&O.  

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (“EPLI”) is usually paired with D&O insurance under what’s called a “Management liability” policy.  Just like D&O, EPLI protects the company from management related risks.  The only difference is EPLI focuses on risks related to managing employees.

Claims and lawsuits for things like sexual harassment in the workplace, wrongful termination, discriminatory hiring/firing practices are covered by this type of insurance.  EPLI can be extremely important for a rapidly growing startup with a budding HR department.   

Errors & Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions insurance is basically your “malpractice” coverage.  E&O claims arise when your product doesn’t work properly, or you make claims about your product and it doesn’t end up functioning as the customer expected.

Say your company provides a CRM SaaS product like Salesforce.  If your product goes down due to some technical error, E&O insurance covers claims that your clients bring against you due to lost revenue from not having access to their customer information.  It’s important to note that you may get sued even if it’s not your fault!  For example, if Amazon Web Services goes down, your client can still blame you.  But not to fear, because your Founder Shield E&O coverage is here!  

Cyber Liability Insurance

You can most likely guess what Cyber Security insurance covers without much help.  This type of coverage should be a priority any company that collects (or deals with in any way!) confidential or sensitive information in any electronic form.

Data breaches can create bankruptcy-level liability for modern startups.  If a thief hacks your systems or servers and steals any of the confidential information, or if an employee accidentally leaves his or her laptop in the back seat of a taxi (and falls into the wrong hands), the confidant (or, more likely, confidants) can sue you for the damages he or she suffers when that thief uses the information!  This is where Cyber Security coverage comes in to protect you.  

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If GL is the “slip and fall” insurance for 3rd parties, Worker’s comp is the “slip and fall” insurance for your workforce.  Worker’s comp is almost always required legally to cover management and employees, but sometimes companies need to consider getting policies that also cover their contract workers as well.  We can discuss this and see what you need (and what you should have). 

Key Man Insurance

This is another one of those coverages that is almost always required by the terms of an institutional round of funding.  Key Man coverage is essentially a life insurance policy for the company.  If anything happens to the “Key Man” insured by the policy, the company is reimbursed in order to pump that money back into the company to hire new management and maintain stability.  We have our own proprietary key man product and a whole knowledge base devoted to helping founders understand the coverage. 

Disability Insurance and Ancillary Benefits

Disability insurance is another state-required insurance for anyone with employees on payroll.  Founder Shield now offers not only the legally required disability insurance coverage, but also a full suite of ancillary benefits for your employees (such as dental, vision, and extra medical support).  

Health and Employee Benefits Insurance

The laws are changing in this area, and new options are hitting the market that make it easy to get great [affordable] coverage for your employees that both of you will be satisfied with.  Just give us a shout to find out more…

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